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Даруємо радість та увагу дітям!


За багаторічною традицією, започаткованою деканом Юридичного факультету (ЮФ) Іриною Сопілко, студенти та викладачі ЮФ відвідали вихованців Спеціалізованого дитячого будинку в Боярці.

Students of the Law Firm received gratitude for their work at the Legal Clinic


Students of the Faculty of Law Zhanna Yakivchuk, Veronika Momotiuk and Olena Khomchenko received gratitude for the significant contribution to raising the legal awareness, culture and education of the population. The awards were handed to them by Sergei Breus, Director of the Fourth Kyiv Local Center for the Granting of Remainder of Secondary Legal Aid.

Congratulations to the group PR-403 with the II place in the competition "The best academic group" of NAU

From April 1 to May 15, 2019, the "Best Academic Group" of the NAU took place at the University.



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